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Allow your organization or company to have a more direct interaction with your customers. Turn your business into an integral part of your customer's cell phone.
Users can perform a set of tasks of any kind: professional, leisure, educational, access to services, etc. Contact Us NOW!!

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Allow reservations and manage your business hours

• Manage and track your appointments
• Offer your clients a mobile self-reservation service
• Book recurring appointments
• Manage and allow group scheduling
• Create paid meetings and annual or monthly subscriptions or prepaid cards
• Synchronize with existing calendars

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Create the ultimate shopping experience

• Online orders and sales tracking
• Flexible shipping methods
• Acceptance of variety of currencies
• Unlimited categories and products
• Payments via PayPal
• Shopping cart
• Featured Products
• Marketing tools to boost your sales

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Show your own website in your application

• Add a link to your home page or any website
• Allow your customers to browse your website without abandoning the application
• Show the content of your websites, forms, special services or anything else you want

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Create custom forms to increase your clients commitment
• Create different types of forms, such as questionnaires and surveys
• Personalize your forms completely with unlimited elements
• Dedicated analysis panel for each form
• Create unlimited forms and questionnaires
• Gather leads, valuable information and interact with your customers

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A business model to achieve stable and recurring income
• Increase the return of clients to your business
• Increase the value of the customer's validity
• Obtain a stable income stream
• Get more points of contact with your customers
• Be able to make reservation and orders with comfort for customers to return
• Optimize marketing results

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Re-engage customers who are not currently using your app
• Send messages now or schedule them in advance
• Set daily/weekly/monthly/yearly reminders
• Activate push notifications for users located close to your business
• Involve your clients on special occasions and vacations
• Promote coupons, loyalty cards, products or your own personalized promotion